Brazilian Wax Procedure

If you have made the decision to go ahead and book in for a Brazilian wax then it's probably a good to have some idea what you can expect with your first session. Although each clinic, day spa and therapist may have slightly different ways of carrying out the procedure, most of them will operate in a similar manner to how it is described here.

If you feel you need more specific information about the location that you have chosen then it is a good idea to have a chat with them when you book, check out their website or alternatively pop them through an email with details of the relevant questions that you may have.

Brazilian Wax Procedure

Brazilian Wax procedure

There is information on this site with some tips on how to prepare for your first wax so we'll assume that you are dressed appropriately with your pubic hair at a good length for waxing (about 1/4 inch or 10 mm).

When you arrived at the location and the therapist is ready for you then you will be taken into a private space. At this stage the therapist should ask you what type of wax you want, what areas you do and do not want treated. They will probably explain to you what will be happening and what you will be required to wear (for example they may leave you a disposable thong). You'll be left on your own while you undress to their specification.

When they re-enter the room and direct you to lie on the treatment table. If necessary they may decide to clip your pubic hair to be at a length suitable for waxing and then they will apply some talcum powder in and around the relevant areas as this will help prevent the hot wax from sticking directly on the skin.

They will then apply the hot wax directly on the hair and skin (watch to make sure they don't "double dip"!). A skilled practitioner will work quickly and efficiently which will (hopefully) result in less pain and discomfort for you both during and after the session.

They will place a cloth strip over the waxed area and press it firmly so that the wax and hair will stick to the cloth. When the wax has set, they will then pull the strip off the skin with a firm and confident action. The normal approach is to pull the strip in a direction opposite to the grain of growth of the hair. Whilst this is happening you may be asked to pull the skin taut as this makes for a more effective and less painful treatment. It is normal for you to find the process painful so if you feel that you need to yelp or scream then don't feel the need to be shy, your therapist will be used to shouting and swearing.

They will normally start at the front and then work to the back if you have consented to have the hair between your buttocks to be removed. You may need to lie on your side or even be on all-fours when they are working in this area.

Once they have finished with the wax strips then they may use tweezers to remove any remaining stray hairs or to perfect their "design" by trimming any hair that you requested be kept.

Some practitioners will apply various types of soothing lotions over the areas that have been waxed and they should indicate what you will need to do in the next few days such as checking for in growing hairs or gentle exfoliation. If you notice any unusual redness, swelling, pain or lumps after the session do not hesitate to contact them and ask their advice. If you don't feel satisfied with their response then talk to your doctor.