Brazilian Wax Guide for Men

Brazilian waxes are not just for women. More and more younger men are trying and enjoying the male version of a Brazilian wax. Whilst chest and back waxing has been around for a long time, it is only fairly recently that men have started to defoliate around their nether regions.

They find that it can provide enhanced self-image, it enhances sensitivity in the area and (probably most importantly) their partners like the smooth look and feel.

Brazilian Wax for Men

As for women, the amount of hair removed and the areas treated for male hair removal around the groin area can vary depending on your preference but those men who are brave enough to venture in this direction tend to clean up the whole lot including scrotum, perineum, butt cheeks and butt crack.

If you are considering having your most intimate areas waxed then there are a few things that you need to be aware of. Many salons and spas that offer Brazilians may not offer this service to men and it is a good idea to research your local area and find somewhere that specifically promotes Brazilians for Men as there can be subtle differences in the approaches between male and female waxing. Just because someone is great at waxing women it doesn't automatically follow that they will be the right one for you. Don't be shy about asking any questions and make sure that they know what they are doing. Some therapists do not recommend removing hair specifically from the genitals so if this is a prerequisite for you then raise it at the time you are enquiring about making a booking.

How to Prepare for your first wax

Having chosen a male-friendly salon for your first wax then have a shower before your appointment to be clean for the therapist who will be working in the most intimate of areas. However, do not apply any lotions or moisturisers after your shower as an oily skin will make it harder for the therapist. Also don't shave for a couple of weeks prior to the appointment, if that is your normal practice. The therapist does need some length on the hair to be able to adequately apply the wax. It is better to be too long than too short as they can clip the longer hair to their preferred length if they need to.

Don't wear tight underwear or trousers to the appointment. Unfortunately women have it slightly easier in this respect as a skirt is ideal to wear post-wax.

What Happens

The procedure is virtually identical to women. Once in the treatment room, you will be asked to remove your clothing below the waist so that the therapist can access all areas. Some spas may offer a disposable thong or the like (whether they insist on you wearing it or not is their right).

Once you have discussed which areas will and will not be waxed then the therapist will trim any hair that is too long before cleaning and prepping all relevant areas. The waxing will now begin (and yes it will hurt although many men who return for regular sessions say that the pain is always worse for the first time).

Once completed then they will probably need to use tweezers to pluck the inevitable recalcitrant stray hairs that always seem to exist during any waxing treatment.

You should be provided with a self-care plan for the days following your Brazilian with recommendations regarding applying lotions and moisturisers and, most importantly, check for potential areas of infection. The bad news is that it is generally suggested that you refrain from sex for a few days as the areas is likely to be sensitive, irritated and susceptible to bacterial infection.

Whether you continue to have regular waxes is very much a personal decision, some men do, some don't. Also you may be tempted to self-wax but, for many, the risk of burning or tearing skin in such a sensitive zone is enough for them to only ever going to see a professional.