How to Prepare for your First Brazilian

If you have taken the plunge to get a professional Brazilian wax then you will probably be a little nervous about a number of issues. Most people will be anxious about having to be exposed in front of a complete stranger but there are other questions that you may have as well.

What should I wear?

Should I trim in advance of the appointment?

Should I be doing or taking anything to reduce the pain?

What will happen when I arrive?

Brazilian Wax

Undoubtedly the most important thing that you can do to ease your nerves and make your first session as successful and pain free as possible is to talk to the spa or therapist when you book and ask them directly what do they require of you in advance. Also ask them for their advice about what you should be wearing and doing to minimise any discomfort during and after the treatment.

General Guidelines for Preparing for Brazilian Wax

Firstly be mindful that for some women the skin can be more sensitive around the time of your period and waxing may be particularly painful around this time. So when you are thinking about making an appointment, then it is probably a good idea to bear this in mind and choose a time other than when you are having or about to have your period.

It may be surprising for some people but it is important that your pubic hair is not too short prior to the appointment so do not be tempted to shave or do anything in advance. If it is too long for the therapist then they will have the tools to trim it but if it is too short then the therapist will have problems getting the wax to stick. Some women find that their pubic hair seems to grow on different cycles and that it takes them a few appointments before the hair is growing on the same phase.

If you talk to women who regularly get Brazilians then there is no doubt that some women will recommend that you consider taking ibuprofen or other pain killer in advance of the appointment. Only do this as recommended on the packet and bear in mind that this is a personal decision of yours. Don't be badgered into taking them if your preference is not to take medications unless you absolutely have to (although if you don't take them for your first visit then you may well change your mind for the second!)

Shower prior to the appointment but do not apply any lotions, oils or creams in and around your girly bits.

Wear fairly loose and soft underwear that does not cling to tightly and also wear a skirt (or loose trousers) as any tight-fitting clothes may be uncomfortable after the treatment.

Try to be in a relaxed state of mind prior to the session and make sure that you arrive in reasonable time for your appointment so that you are not stressed in advance.

When you arrive at the spa then it is a good idea to discuss with the therapist what the procedure will be. If you have any questions about safety and cleanliness during the treatment then raise them at this time (although it is likely you have based your decision about location on the recommendation of a friend so hopefully there are no issues in this respect). Also be highly clear specific about how much hair you want removed and where from. If you want a landing strip left or your butt left alone then make sure that you have been understood.

You are now ready for your first Brazilian!