Brazilian Wax - A Guide

Ever wondered what it is like to have a Brazilian wax or wondered why anyone would ever consent to a stranger applying hot wax to your nether regions? Have you thought about having it done but been reluctant? This website hopes to provide balanced information about the pros and cons of Brazilian waxing, some dos and donts and some suggestions for how to find a therapist or beauty spa which would be right for you.

To begin with, the most simplistic definition of a Brazilian wax is that it is the removal of hair from the pubic region using hot wax and a cloth. The majority of the procedures will be performed on women by women although there is a growing trend for men to be waxed as well. However, most of this website will be focus on women.

Brazilian Wax

What is a Brazilian Wax

There is a little confusion amongst some women about what is the difference between the terms "Brazilian", "Bikini Wax", "Hollywood", "Full Bikini", etc. Basically the difference between these terms is associated with how much pubic hair is removed. All the terms (and other similar ones) tend to come under the umbrella of a Brazilian wax. The range starts from the bikini wax where the stray hairs outside your (bikini) panty line are removed whereas others prefer to leave a small triangle of hair or a landing strip. The "Full Bikini" option removes all hair in and around the area (including hairs in places you didn't even know you have hair!) and is not for the faint hearted.

Why Would I Get One

There are a wide variety of reasons why women would consider having their girly bits stripped of hair. For some it's a case of believing that it may be more hygienic (and since waxing has become more mainstream there has been a decrease in the reporting of pubic lice). Others it is a case of aesthetics, they don't want stray pubes dangling outside of their bikini. Others treat it as part of their personal grooming regime in the same way they would have a manicure or have their eyebrows waxed.

However, most would probably 'fess up that they are doing it to heighten their sensitivity and/or to feel attractive 'down there' for their partner (just make sure though that whatever your reason for considering having it done, make sure you are doing it because you want to and not to please someone else). However, for some women, it seems as though there are some pschyological benefits. Even though their 'beauty' is hidden from virtually everybody, it does impact on their self-confidence and esteem levels.

Once you have made the decision to try a Brazilian Wax then probably the most important step is to find a suitable venue and/or therapist. If someone is going to spending time working around your most intimate areas then you need to comfortable with them. A personal recommendation from one of your friends is probably a great starting point.

There are a number of steps that you can take to prepare before your first session (for example, there is a range of hair length that is most suitable and it may be surprising that too short can be a problem when it comes to waxing). This articles provides more information about how to prepare. In addition, when you ring up to book it is worthwhile asking your potential therapist if they have any particular suggestions and tips for you.

What to Expect and Does it Hurt?

The direct answer to this question is, unfortunately, a resounding yes. It hurts at the time that the wax is removed and it can be painful for a day or two after. Whilst there are some steps that can be taken reduce the amount of discomfort you feel and some therapists are more skillful than others, there is no getting away from the fact that it is both a very intimate and personal experience. It is a painful one as well. Over time, most women who continue to receive the treatment do become accustomed to and accepting of the pain but for some, once is enough and for these women, the potential benefits of waxing are not worth the stinging and throbbing pains.